Why Wellbeing Matters

Why Wellbeing Matters

About Why Wellbeing Matters

Let's begin by looking at what the research shows us about the importance of investing in wellbeing and the effects it can have.

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Leading So People Thrive

Leading So People Thrive is an online leadership development course designed to help you and your leaders create a positive, energized, wellbeing-focused workplace culture where people thrive. As an online course you can work thorough the modules at a speed that suits you. The interactive, bite-sized learning approach makes this course really easy to digest. It will help you understand why wellbeing matters, why you matter and why your leadership matters. It breaks wellbeing down into its components and gives you practical, evidence-based strategies that will help you create an environment where everyone can thrive and perform at their best. If you want to life your leadership skills and transform your workplace wellbeing, this is for you!

1.1 The Importance of Leadership & Wellbeing

1.2 How to Use This Course

Here's how to navigate your way around the course.

1.3 How to login

Here's how to login with your email and password to have full access to the course.

1.4 Introducing Lauren Parsons

1.5 Flourishing

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