1.1 Welcome To Leading So People Thrive

Welcome and thank you for being here!

This Leading So People Thrive course will focus on both wellbeing and leadership

You are a leader. Regardless of any title you may or may not have, you’re the leader of your own life. How you show up every day matters. 

We will look at enhancing your personal wellbeing and helping you set the example to create an environment that will enhance the wellbeing of your team. 

To make a difference to your workplace wellbeing, you need to start with a leadership-focused approach where you and your leaders really understand why wellbeing is important.

Taking a strategic approach means you can weave wellbeing-focused practices throughout your organisation, in your policies and the way things are done day to day, to create a lasting impact on your workplace culture.

So again - thanks for being here!


Before we dive into the course content I wanted to share some of my story with you to introduce myself. Listen in to the video below.

I'll look forward to taking this journey with you!


More about Lauren

Lauren is an award-winning Wellbeing Specialist who believes that everyone deserves to thrive. With over 20 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing profession, she is a sought after speaker, coach and consultant.

TEDx speaker, Author of real food less fuss, founder of the Snack on Exercise movement and host of the Thrive TV Show.  

Based in the Manawatu, where she lives with her husband & 3 children, Lauren can often be found spending time outdoors or playing board games with family & friends. 

Lauren is passionate about equipping and inspiring you to truly boost your health and happiness. She specialises in helping leaders create positive, energised, high-performance teams, where people thrive. 

Lauren Parsons - Author of real food less fuss

Lets dive in...

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