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Premium Course

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A powerful programme equipping you to spot the signs of mental distress and support your colleagues, while staying strong yourself.

In this course you'll discover:
• How to be a great Wellbeing Champion,
• Why wellbeing at work is important,
• Keys to recognising signs of mental distress,
• Practicing the skill of listening non-judgementally,
• How to respond to mental distress,
• The ALGEE process,
• Boundary setting and looking after you,
• When and how to refer on for additional support.

39 Sections - Leadership

Premium Course

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If you want to create a positive, energised, wellbeing-focused workplace culture this course is for you. Starting with a focus on self-leadership which will help you boost your wellbeing, manages stress and boost your energy and vitality.

As an online course you can work thorough the modules at a speed that suits you. The interactive, bite-sized learning approach makes this course really easy to digest.

It breaks wellbeing down into its components and gives you practical, evidence-based strategies that will help you create an environment where everyone can thrive and perform at their best.

If you want to boost your wellbeing, lift your leadership skills and transform your staff's wellbeing, this is for you!

85 Sections - Leadership