Creating a positive ripple of wellness in your life, your workplace and your world.

Health and wellbeing affects all areas of our lives. How we experience life at home and at work. We can’t put our physical and emotional troubles on hold when we walk into work. And it’s important to learn to leave the emotions of the workday behind us as we go home.

Achieving a balance that encourages wellness at home and at work means we’re happier, more engaged, and able to do what we want to do. In the workplace and with our whanau, family and friends.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I make it simple for busy people to boost their energy, vitality and productivity and help businesses create a healthy, positive, energised workplace where their staff and organisation can thrive.

More and more businesses are realising that poor staff wellbeing, low engagement, absenteeism and high staff turnover are affecting corporate success.

I help HR and leadership teams feel confident their organisation is doing all they can to help their business thrive by creating tailored, science-based, practical workplace wellness programmes, and supporting the team as they implement the plan.

But it’s not just about creating a great place to work. It’s about thriving at home too.

My mission is to equip and inspire you to truly boost your health and happiness. Creating a positive ripple in your life, your workplace and your world.

My Story
Lauren Parsons Wellbeing Specialist - Author of real food less fuss

These are my five Live Well Principles: 

  • Uplift your thoughts
  • Nourish your body
  • Invigorate your life
  • Strengthen body and mind
  • Restore and find balance
Lauren Parsons Live Well Principles for Workplace Wellness

My background in wellness and coaching, combined with a degree in business has given me an incredible insight to help you thrive at home and at work, and help organisations achieve success by creating a workplace culture that supports positive, healthy and energised staff.

I know from experience it’s not enough just to give a plan. Successful, healthy teams thrive when the plan is tailored to your needs and you’re given the support to put the plan into action.

Some of the things I've been fortunate to do:

  • 19 years-experience in the health and wellbeing profession
  • Bachelor of Business Studies, Massey University (2000)
  • Post Grad Diploma in Management and HR with Distinction, Massey University (2001)
  • Extensive DISC profile communication training, Impact Training (2003-2005)
  • Senior Lecturer at the New Zealand College of Fitness (2005-2007)
  • Qualified Life Coach, Life Coach Associates (2008)
  • Presenter at NZ National Fitness conference (2008-2013)
  • Member of the National Personal Trainers Council of New Zealand (2010-2013)
  • Author of Seven Myths to Overcome to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life (2013)
  • Winner of National Community Award & Finalist Group Personal Trainer of the Year (2013), Finalist Programme Excellence Award (2016)
  • Diploma in Sustainable Business, Otago Polytechnic (2013)
  • Author of real food less fuss (2016)
  • Delivered a TEDx Talk at TEDxOneonta, New York (2018)

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