1.2 How to Use This Course

Remember that you can:

  • Navigate to any module and any lesson within that module in the left hand menu
  • Speed up or slow down the playback speed under the settings cog in the video
  • Click any underlined words in the text to see further information 
  • There are also clickable links which will take you to pdfs, TED Talks, Research Studies or further information
  • Each module ends with a short quiz
  • Once you complete the quiz it will display your result
  • You can take the quiz as many times as you like
  • Each time you click 'mark lesson complete' it will increase the progress bar at the top of the left hand menu
  • If you're not able to access parts of the course, you will need to login to have full access. See the video in the next lesson on how to do this.

Enjoy the course!

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