Welcome and Introduction

Welcome and Introduction

About Welcome and Introduction

A warm welcome to the programme. thanks for bein ghere! Let's look at what a Wellbeing Champion is and what makes a great Wellbeing Champion.

Module Content

The Wellbeing Champion Training Programme

A powerful programme equipping you to spot the signs of mental distress and support your colleagues, while staying strong yourself. In this course you'll discover:•How to be a great Wellbeing Champion, •Why wellbeing at work is important,•Keys to recognising signs of mental distress,•Practicing the skill of listening non-judgementally,•How to respond to mental distress, •The ALGEE process, •Boundary setting and looking after you,•When and how to refer on for additional support. This course is best run for a team of staff, spread throughout an organisation to ensure you have a strong network of Wellbeing Champions equipped to support staff and each other.

1.1 Welcome & Thanks for being here!

1.2 How to Use This Course

Here's how to navigate your way around the course.

1.3 How to login

Here's how to login with your email and password to have full access to the course.

1.4 Introducing Lauren Parsons

1.5 What is a Wellbeing Champion?

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