Thrivng Leaders Community


Our vision is to keep leaders connected, inspired and equipped to thrive personally and to lead flourishing teams.

As a leader you know how important it is to set the example for everyone around you, but you can’t pour from an empty cup.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a group called "Thriving Leaders" so you can:
  • connect with like-minded leaders who face the same challenges as you,

  • create opportunities for positive, robust discussions and

  • be inspired and refreshed with the latest research and insights from around the world.

There is no cost to join us, other than your investment of time.

Our next online gathering will be in the New Year, dates TBC.

Enter your details below to stay in the loop till then.

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The Principles That Will Guide Us:

To generously share your wisdom whenever you can.
To uplift others mana. To honour & respect one another & build each other up.
To have a growth mindset & constantly lean into learning.
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Dates for upcoming online gatherings:

11am - 11.55am via zoom

Dates for 2022 TBC



*dates may be subject to change as required, but as a guide will be held monthly.

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