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More and more people are suffering from poor health, a lack of confidence, low energy and a general sense of overwhelm. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Small tweaks can create significant changes. I help you identify the right ones and give you the inspiration and accountability to take steps in the direction you want to head.

My mission is to equip and inspire you to truly boost your health and happiness. Creating a positive ripple in your life, your workplace and your world.

That's why I've developed these online courses & coaching programmes, to empower you with science-backed tools you can implement in your life right now to create the transformation you're after.

With the right knowledge and support - you will be unstoppable!
Lauren Parsons Wellbeing Specialist Speaker and Author

Overcome the Overwhelm 8-Module Coaching Course

Want to feel calm, confident and in control?

Join me for this eight module action-oriented group coaching programme, with a focus on lazer coaching and accountability to help you re-balance life and experience more joy!

Lauren Parsons Overcome the Overwhelm Online Wellbeing Programme

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Ditch the Overwhelm

Snack on Exercise Interactive 4-Week Programme

Boost your health, energy and productivity with this unique approach to exercise, designed especially for busy people.

Discover how 1 minute bursts of movement can improve your brain, body and mood!

Lauren Parsons Snack on Exercise Online Wellbeing Programme

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Get Energised

Leading So People Thrive Leadership Development

A revolutionary style of online course you can work through at times to suit you.

1-2 hours a week over 12 weeks will equip you to thrive personally and know how to cultivate a thriving workplace culture.

Lauren Parsons Get Fit Feel Fabulous  Online Wellbeing Programme

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Learn to Lead Well
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Leading so people thrive course

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Leading So People Thrive