Is your organisation struggling with stressed, dissconnected staff? Want to boost staff satisfaction, resilience and wellbeing?

What if you could rely on a programme that shifts your workplace culture, boosting wellbeing, productivity and profits?

The problem is most organisations are doing the following when it comes to staff wellbeing:

  • Fighting fires as they occur rather than taking a proactive approach to the underlying problems

  • Running sporadic or ad-hoc initiatives rather than having a co-ordinated, comprehensive programme

  • Having only a 'bottom of the cliff' approach rather than creating real culture change that is led from the top


Introducing the THRIVE Partnership Programme

THRIVE Partnership Programme with Lauren Parsons Wellbeing (2)

Finally a comprehensive approach to workplace wellness, tailored to your organisation and delivered at an affordable rate.

The THRIVE Partnership Programme will help you achieve:

  • A motivated energetic workforce with high morale

  • Boosted staff satisfaction and improved team dynamics

  • More resilient staff who can manage stress effectively

  • Improved health and reduced sick days

  • Higher staff retention and reduced absenteeism

  • Improvements in productivity and increased profits


How to get started:


Make a time to chat with Lauren


Choose which option suits you best


Enjoy the benefits of having a motivated energetic team

Next intake - March 2022. Available for just three organisations.

Download the info kit today and make a time for a chat to find out whether this could be a good fit for your organisation.

Limited spaces. Be in quick to confirm your organisation's participation.

This programme is designed to help:

  • Businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Not-for-profit organisationss
  • Schools and tertiary institutions

Your organisation can experience these benefits with a wellness programme tailored to meet the needs of your team and your budget, whether you have 50 staff or 5,000. 


Maximise your workplace wellness spend

Create a lasting culture change rather than just treating symptoms

Save time figuring out what to offer and when

Provide ongoing support and accountability to ensure lasting habit change

Benefit from a holistic approach that starts at leadership level for maximum impact

Have a trusted advisor you can call on at any time

How it works:

Rather than offering wellbeing training and initiatives on an ad-hoc basis, the THRIVE Partnership Programme partners with you to provide ongoing professional development and support. It will fit alongside any other existing initiatives and complement what you are already offering.

For an affordable monthly fee you receive a comprehensive offering, delivered throughout the year and underpinned by the five Live Well Principles.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, your programme will include a combination of:

Lauren Parsons In house Team Training Workshops
Lauren Parsons Online Training and Group Health and Wellbeing Coaching
Leadership Development
Lauren Parsons In house Team Training Workshops
Consulting & Advisory Sessions
Lauren Parsons In house Team Training Workshops
Company-Wide Workshops (in person or online)
Lauren Parsons Online Training and Group Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Champion Training, Equipping staff to respond to Mental Distress

Lauren Parsons Online Training and Group Health and Wellbeing Coaching
Ongoing Education inspired by the Five Live Well Principles
Lauren Parsons In house Team Training Workshops
A Library of Fresh Ideas, Recipes, Videos, Audios and Inspiration
This indicative annual plan helps you picture what your year will look like:
Lauren Parsons In house Team Training Workshops
Introducing Your New Wellbeing Partner Lauren Parsons:

Lauren is an award-winning Wellbeing Specialist who believes that everyone deserves to thrive. With over 20 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing profession, she is passionate about equipping and inspiring people to truly boost their health and happiness.

TEDx Speaker, Author of real food less fuss, Founder of the Snack on Exercise movement and Host of the THRIVE TV Show, Lauren is now based in rural Manawatu, New Zealand.

Previously a Senior Lecturer at the New Zealand College of Fitness, a qualified Life Coach and with a business degree and post-grad specialising in HR, Lauren is a sought-after international speaker, coach and consultant who integrates her wellness and business background to help organisations create a high-energy, peak-performance team culture, where people thrive.

Lauren Parsons Wellbeing Specialist

Our Values:

Lauren Parsons Wellbeing Vision Mission Values (14)Image
What Others Say:

“Your programme has been totally life-changing. Thank you Lauren!”

– Deborah Pederson, Tui Early Learners

“The team absolutely loved your session. Speaking with some of the manager’s today there has already been positive activity in our branches!! Your session has provided practical and easy steps to exercise and this is going to make a big difference for my team.”

- Andrew Daubney,  Regional Manager, ANZ 

“Lauren manages through enthusiasm and inclusion to inspire all sorts of people to have a go at making changes that they know very well they need to make but don't know where to start.  She encourages that first step breakthrough.”

- Stewart Harrex, Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers

“Lauren Parsons shone bright as a keynote speaker, engaging our delegates with an endless supply of energy that put a smile on their faces.Her tips on the health in the workplace truly resonated with our crowd and had people feeling uplifted and energized. Simply put, it was a joy to work with Lauren.”

- Christopher Egan, CEO, Financial Management Institute of Canada


"I LOVED your talk, you were my favourite speaker. You connected with us so well. You were real... transparent... fun... and revolutionary!!  It was a revelation to me that only a short burst of exercise is still so worthwhile... I am a busy person and have never given exercise any priority. The fact that we can build it into what we are already doing is so achievable and sustainable.... it will change my life. Thank you Lauren, so much."

- Jan, Beach Church, Raumati


“Such an awesome, knowledgable and passionate speaker – a great inspiration!”

- Dan Wheeler, Owner of Freedom Plus

“Lauren is an engaging presenter who brings a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of wellness areas. She demonstrates a real passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.”

– Kelly Alkema, HR Manager, Hutt City Council

“Your session was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the engagement of all the staff, including the many measurable smiles!! It was all the energy, the influential audience grabbers, but also the positivity and the vibe that engaged everyone.”

- Major Glen Whitton, NZ Defence Force

“Lauren’s session was inspiring and uplifting and came at a time when employees needed to be re-energized. Her genuine and authentic approach, being a working parent, was extremely well received by our staff.”

- Dominque Martel, HR Manager, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Canada

“Lauren ensured there was connection from the start with her powerful stories.”

– Jane Warnock, Educational Leader, Tui Early Learners

"I can HIGHLY recommend Lauren, she is a fabulous presenter with passion, zest, humour and professionalism - she is a truly transformational person who will affect your world in a profoundly positive way! She is a MUST see and leader in her field."

- Angela Cossey, Intimo International


“A really interesting fresh perspective that lets you get more motivated in leadership within your organisation. Professional and clear with every point.”

- Angela Starr, Director of Foundation, Arohanui Hospice

Want full details and pricing?

Next intake - March 2022. Available for just three organisations.

Download the info kit today and make a time for a chat to find out whether this could be a good fit for your organisation.


Limited spaces. Be in quick to confirm your organisation's participation.

Frequently Asked Questions:
The content is delivered on a 12 month cycle, with a 12 month commitment to begin with and the option to renew annually after that. We recommend continuing over a few years to maximise the benefits. The first year will lay the foundation for a positive, energised workplace culture, which will then strengthen over successive years.

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