Boost your confidence by adapting your body language

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In this inspirational TED talk, Amy Cuddy shares a 2 minute ‘life hack’ to boost your confidence and change the entire course of your life.

It is incredibly simple and easy to do, here’s how…


Towards the end Amy gets emotional talking about what it’s like not to fit in and how she dealt with imposter syndrome and how you can too.

It is breathtakingly beautiful to watch.

I love what she shares about “faking it until you become it”.

Can you think of times that you’ve had to do that yourself?

I certainly can! I think we all feel out of our depth sometimes, especially when we’re stretching, learning and growing towards bigger and better goals, but we can get there when we persevere and give our best.

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3 Comments on “Boost your confidence by adapting your body language”

  1. Good to hear you enjoyed it Brigid! Yes I love it when science is so well presented and so easy to apply!

  2. Hi Lauren,

    This is an incredibly valuable post that can certain be worth sharing!

    Empowering others can be so much simpler! I have just shared on my Facebook Wall!

    Love Amy Cuddy’s talk. She is one of my favourite TED talk speakers!

    I am grateful that I have found your blog, Lauren!
    I will be sharing with my friends about what you do too!

    Viola Tam

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