How to Organise Wildly Successful Conferences

Lauren Parsons -Keynote Speaker (2)

Conferences are a fantastic professional development opportunity, offering both a chance for learning and innovation and to network with others in the same field. Organising and hosting a conference however takes great skill and care to create a balanced event that is not only memorable and enjoyable for attendees but also equips them with real knowledge and new ideas to … Read More

Letting Go – Video Tip

Lauren Parsons - speaker and author on Letting Go

Hear Lauren’s top tip for letting go and boosting your happiness.

Discover what she calls ‘musts and horribles’ and how to be free of the stress they cause!


Lauren Parsons Live Well Principles

The Lauren Parsons Philosophy

Optimal health comes about by achieveing balance in every area of your life.

Here is our five simple and effective principles that will boost your health and happiness, now and always!

Looking for the fountain of youth – here it is….