Sleep Is Your Super Power

Sleep Is Your Super Power - Lauren Parsons Wellbeing (2)

Here’s why sleep is not a luxury, but an essential foundation of your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Listen in to Matthew Walkers insightful and entertaining talk on exactly why we need quality sleep, all of the negative consequences when we don’t get enough and two keys to enhancing your sleep quality.

Because sleep is so critical to stress management and productivity it’s vital to ensure you and your colleagues benefit from adequate sleep to enhance workplace performance.

Want a science backed way to help you get to sleep while also improving your sleep quality?

Download this free audio where I guide you through an 8 minute progressive muscle relaxation.

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2 Comments on “Sleep Is Your Super Power”

  1. Really very helpful video. We all know that sleep is very important but this video enlightened the necessity.

    1. Yes exactly! It’s such a good one to watch with family members who you want to convince of the importance of sleep!

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