THRIVE TV 018 – Why Are Relationships So Hard? with Karen Allen


  1. Why relationships often fail
  2. The 3 keys to lasting love
  3. The one question to regularly ask your partner

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Over the past 5 years, Karen Strang Allen has helped hundreds of single women across North America feel great about themselves, create a life they love, and attract loving relationships.

Widowed at 22 and separated at 35, Karen knows all about heartbreak and how to overcome it. She has dedicated her life to learning what works (and what doesn’t) in relationships, and has coaching certifications with Jack Canfield, Doreen Virtue, and NLP Canada.

Karen’s book (Free to be Me) is an inspiring guide for how to create an exciting life, based on your values and passions. She also co-authored a book (Unwavering Strength, Volume 2) that has become an international bestseller.


To find out more about Karen’s services and free inspirational resources, check out
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To learn more about Karen’s Transform Your Life program, contact her by email: [email protected]

To grab a copy of her free e-book, “Uncover your hidden blocks to love,” go to:


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2 Comments on “THRIVE TV 018 – Why Are Relationships So Hard? with Karen Allen”

  1. Love it.. , great information shared. I had the pleasure in meeting both of you face to face on numerous occasions and can appreciate all the tools and support that you offer other women overcome their struggles in Health and Happiness.

    Bravo Ladies .. Great collaborations..!!

    1. Thanks so much Carol! Thank you for all the inspiration while I was loving in Ottawa – you are AMAZING!

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