Letting Go – Video Tip

Lauren Parsons - speaker and author on Letting Go

Listen in to this short segment of a 2013 presentation in which I share this simple way to re-frame your words, so that you can instantly let go of stress, worry, fear and anxiety.

So often we get caught up with our own expectations and our lists of what I call ‘musts and horribles.’

Discover the difference letting go of them can make in your life by using this simple, effective tool.

Can you relate?

I invite you to try it out and see what a difference it makes to your own health and happiness!

What are your thoughts?

How do you let go?

Please comment to share your thoughts below…

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4 Comments on “Letting Go – Video Tip”

  1. Very good advice thanks 🙂
    changeing the negative into a positve makes such a difference. Sorry have not been able to attend any of the events you have been having.. I thnk from the very start when I first met you at Classic Hits back then.. you have been so successful in fulfilling your dream. I give you a big pat on the back!! Good luck with your continued success : )

  2. Thanks for your feedback Viv! It is so appreciated. Wishing you tonnes of success and happiness also. xxx

  3. Its all about having a grateful and graceful attitude, love these simple inspiring words Lauren. Bless you.

    1. Thanks so much Paula. Yes absolutely, I love those 2 words together – grateful and graceful. Thanks for sharing!

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