A Two-Step Process to Transform Your Life – Includes Video Tip!

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How would you like to become the most vibrant, shiny, energised version of yourself that you can possibly imagine?

This simple two-step process can transform your health and your life for the better, even when you are busy.

#1 – Choose one small specific healthy habit to adopt DAILY.

It could be something like;

  • Be in bed reading a book by 10pm
  • Have two large glasses of water every morning
  • Snack on exercise for four minutes a day
  • Have a salad entrée before dinner each night
  • Write down three things you’re thankful for every evening
  • Sit still for five minutes and just breathe

You can probably think of a whole range of things you could do.

Intuitively, you will know the one habit that will have the biggest impact on how you feel.

Pick that one.

#2 – Solely focus on doing that thing every single day for one month and don’t even attempt to try out anything else.

Keep the status quo in every area apart from this one daily goal.

That’s it!

Quite freeing really.

In all of life whether that be in sport, business, relationships or health, success comes as a result of excellent habits and disciplines, repeated daily.

When it comes to changing those habits, clarity leads to greater success.

When you focus only on one habit, 100% of your effort can go into making that change. As you pinpoint your efforts you will see rapid results, rather than taking a shotgun approach, whereby nothing really ever gets your best effort.

Picture the habit you would most like to adopt right now. Imagine if you could really nail it and ingrain that new habit so it was second nature for you. What impact would it have on your life? How great would you feel then?

Now, picture how life will be once you repeat this simple process throughout the year ahead, each month focusing in on a new daily practise. In just one year from now, you would have 12 new healthy habits supporting you towards optimal health and happiness!

And that is my wish for you, to see you thriving and flourishing, full of energy and vitality and feeling just as amazing as you are designed to be.

So keep it simple, choose one habit and practise it daily, starting TODAY. (Or tomorrow if it’s an early morning type of a habit.)

Other than that, relax and enjoy life and let me know how it goes!!!

What daily habit are you going to adopt?

Leave a comment below…

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8 Comments on “A Two-Step Process to Transform Your Life – Includes Video Tip!”

  1. Yes absolutely Paddy. The focus is key! There are so many distractions in life that when we take on too much at once, we are destined for failure. Successful change starts with small wins and this is what this two step process is all about! xx

  2. Great to hear Harold! Feel free to check out the videos available on the Snack on Exercise facebook page. (If you’ve on facebook you can like the page and click through to the ‘videos’ tab there to find them. All the best with it! Lauren

  3. Hmmm… Staring at Charles Duhigg’s “Power of Habit” on my shelf as I listen to you. I already know what you are telling me, but I’ve let over-enthusiasm get the better of me. Thank you for the timely reminder.

    What I’m going to do right now is set up a Trello Board (how I organise myself) where I can list and prioritise all the habits I want to establish and use that to create the habit of setting one habit a month. I’m on a roll already with Snack on Exercise, now time tone back what I’m trying to change all at once and build solidly

    Then a success chart on the wall for the new habit.
    Thank you again, Lauren..

  4. That’s great to hear Brigid. Less is more when it comes to habit change for sure. I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes with the one thing at a time approach. Lauren

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