Getting Ready for Self-Isolation

It’s highly likely that most of us will need to self-isolate at some point over the next few weeks. Maybe multiple times. Rather than ignoring this fact, let’s focus on what we can do to prepare. As they say, prepare for the worst, hope for the best and roll with what comes! Take a deep breath in. Breathe out and … Read More

Five Keys to a Resilient Workplace Culture


If one thing’s for sure, it’s that covid-19 has given us opportunities to test and grow our resilience, individually and organisationally. Challenging times stretch you out of your comfort zone. They’re usually the times when you learn and grow the most.  Resilience is defined as your capacity to recover or bounce back from difficulties. Picture yourself five years from now, … Read More

Boundaries to Avoid Burnout (PART TWO)


After the last two years of ongoing uncertainty, more and more people are being affected by burnout. Labelled as an occupational phenomenon by the World Health Organisation, burnout is so important to be aware of and to know how to avoid. When you’re caught up in a rushing lifestyle and constantly feel the pressure of a never-ending to-do list, the … Read More

Boundaries to Avoid Burnout (PART ONE)

Burnout. It’s something we’re hearing more and more about. Even normally resilient people have been affected by the ongoing low-level uncertainty of recent times which wears down our body’s coping mechanisms. Back before we heard of covid-19, in 2019, the World Health Organisation named burnout as an occupational phenomenon. So many people are caught up in a rushing lifestyle, juggling … Read More

On Handing Failure

This wasn’t the post I wanted to share. If you read my article earlier this month, you’ll know that I have been working towards my Accredited Speaker designation (the highest accreditation within Toastmasters International.) I delivered my live presentation to a panel of secret judges and over the weekend I got the tough news that I did not pass this … Read More

On Failure (why you’re amazing, worthy & capable right now)


I’ve been thinking about failure and success lately. Failure can feel so uncomfortable and disheartening. Yet, we constantly hear from incredibly successful people that failure is an important step on the road to success. Failure usually feels scary and intimidating. It can cause even the greatest of leaders to second-guess themselves. It can create doubt. It can leave you feeling … Read More

5 Keys to Increasing Optimism

5 Keys to Increasing Optimism

Did you know that optimism is a skill that can be learned? This is a great thing, seeing as being more optimistic helps you: Live longer Be more successful Have a better love life Take fewer sick days Bounce back faster and stronger[i] It’s especially important when you’re a leader as the way you show up affects everyone else around … Read More

Start With Why – How great leaders inspire action

start with why lauren parsons wellbeing

Discover the fundamental shift in the ‘happiness equation’ that is required to create true happiness.

Shawn Achor author of The Happiness Advantage outlines how increasing happiness can change individuals, communities and the world.

Watch this outstanding and entertaining message in which he shares 5 practical ways to train your brain for happiness!

Creating an Energised Workplace Culture for Optimal Performance

“Creating a positive, high- performing culture starts with strong, supportive leadership. Only when people are healthy, happy and energised can they perform at their best.” If you take an honest look at the current state of your workforce, how do your employees look? Act? Function? Does your staff consist of highly-energised, productive people who are positive and supportive or do … Read More