How Much Exercise Is Enough?

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How much time do you think you need to spend exercising each week to see results?

Watch this BBC researchers findings and be both shocked and pleasantly surprised… 

Please note that I do not advocate starting straight into bursts of very intense exercise without seeking professional guidance. Each person’s starting point will be different.

The key thing that I hope you take away is the principle that you can achieve results in less time by focusing on quality not quantity.


If you want to be freed up from the ‘exercise takes too much time’ mentality, perhaps now is a good time to try out the snack on exercise philosophy!

My biggest goal is to shift paradigms about exercise so that we let go of the perception that it has to be time-consuming and boring. What if exercise became an integral and uplifting part of your day in short bursts?

We used to think that the world was flat right?  Perhaps we can change our thinking about exercise as well and create new social norms?

Listen in to my TEDx Talk to hear what I mean.


I’d love to hear your thoughts, please comment below…


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6 Comments on “How Much Exercise Is Enough?”

  1. Wow 3 minutes a week isn’t anything. Even I could do that! Good to know that short bursts of intensity are helpful.

  2. This is amazing and we could all be benefitting from intense bursts of exercise – find some steps outdoors and go for it – breath the air and feel the outcome!

  3. Exactly Dianne! Isn’t it encouraging seeing the evidence behind what a difference small bursts can make!

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