How to Beat the Winter Blues


Eat well

It’s so easy to be tempted with quick and easy hot takeaways or to crave comfort foods in winter. However you are still in control and can choose healthier options that leave you feeling great! It’s a fantastic time of year to tuck into nutritious filling soups and to cook up hot steaming porridge for breakfast! This will keep your energy levels up for longer and cut down the temptation to snack!

Move your body!

Wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk, it will leave you feeling invigorated even on a chilly day! Head out to the gym, have fun as part of a group at a group exercise class, or have a swim at an indoor heated pool! Exercise has so many positive benefits for you including a fitter, healthier, stronger body but also releases endorphins which are like your body’s own natural happy pills! If you’re short on time, try out snacking on exercise to easily fit it in!

Get some sun

Even if it’s just a 10 min stroll at lunch time, or having a cup of tea sitting in the window seat in the afternoon sun! Sunlight not only gives you the all-important vitamin D, but is also proven to boost your health in numerous ways and make you happier! If your levels are particularly low you may want to take a vitamin D supplement during the winter months.

Stay warm

Set up strategies to keep you warm. Layer up your clothing so you can control your temperature in and outdoors. Get a heater set on a timer so the house is warm when you come home, invest in a wheat bag which can be heated in the microwave and slid into the bed to keep your feet warm!

Wear bright colours

Treat yourself to a lovely bright woollen scarf, hat or gloves in your favourite colour! Adding a splash of a colour you love lifts your mood and enhances your appearance.

Take up a new hobby

Why not try join an art class, a book club or even try out snow boarding? Getting out and about will give you something new to focus on and prevent hibernation and loneliness setting in.

Make time to socialise

There are tonnes of great things to do in winter such as going walking with a friend, having dinner parties, hosting a games night, heading to the movies or just having a lovely cuppa with a good friend! Make time to connect with the special people in your life and create great memories together.

Sleep well

Getting adequate sleep is great for your immune system and keeps stress levels down. It also means you wake up feeling fantastic! Set up a bedtime routine and use it to ensure you wind down into deep restorative sleep at an appropriate hour for you.


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