THRIVE TV 003 – Lisa Larter – Leaders are Readers – The One Book That Will Change Your Life


How to maximize your takeaways from any book you read. 

How to organize your thoughts while reading. 

How to take action on the lessons you learn while reading. 

Plus – we’ll reveal the book that changed Lisa’s life!


3:35 – What Lisa loves most about her current work
4:09 – Why reading is so important
5:41 – The book that changed Lisa’s life
8:00 – Why being humble was Lisa’s key to eliminate debt
10:54 – How to read to maximize your takeaways from any book
12:10 – The key to taking action on the knowledge in the book you’re reading
14:30 – Documenting your AHA moments
15:37 – Thought readers
18:32 – A phenomenal story about writing down your goals
21:38 – the power of having clarity about what you want
22:30 – ‘Digital Minimalism’ and the link to anxiety and suicide
26:00 – Loneliness and social media

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Lisa Larter is a global expert on social media marketing strategy for growth and high impact. She worked her way up the corporate retail ladder until her own entrepreneurial spirit took over. 

She opened her first retail store, Parlez Wireless, an Authorized TELUS dealership, and then sold it many years later because she was so busy helping other business owners design successful and profitable businesses that she no longer had time to work in her own retail store. 

She is known for her no-nonsense approach to helping business owners get results. 

With Lisa you will only get the facts and an expectation that if you really want your business to grow, you will dig in and do the work.


 You can learn more about the Lisa Larter Group on her website:

 If you’re interested in learning more about Lisa’s book club you can go to Thought Readers

Lisa shares amazing business information on her Facebook Page.


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