THRIVE TV 006 – Michelle Yandle – Feed The Need – How to Manage Emotional Eating


The most common triggers for emotional eating 

How to manage emotional eating 

How to make peace with food so you can feel great AND eat cake.

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Michelle Yandle is a Health and Nutrition Coach on her way to becoming a Clinical Nutritionist with The Holistic Performance Institute, She is also an international speaker with IISB, successful entrepreneur and three-time author with a focus on traditional diets for health, and nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating™.

Her health advice has featured in such magazines as Healthy Food Guide NZ, Organic New Zealand and Fitness Journal NZ. She has been a regular feature in local and national newspapers and is an author and Ambassador for both Bin Inn Retail Group and Nuzest New Zealand.


Michelle has a book, the empowered eating handbook – available on her website. And 6-week Empowered Eating course which will take you through everything you need to know to feel great without  dieting or having to give up the foods you love. 

Both can be found at 

Check out Michelle’s TEDx Talk – Going Back, Moving Forward 


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