THRIVE TV 008 – Ricardo Sierra – The Nature Deficit Disorder Crisis


What Nature Deficit Disorder is and why is it a problem for us and our kids

What the long range effects of a life disconnected from the natural world are

What we as parents and grandparents can do to help our children grow and thrive 

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Ricardo Sierra is the founder and director of the Hawk Circle Wilderness Camp, which helps children, teens and adults learn skills that are life changing and transformative.   He has spent thirty years as an educator, speaker and trainer, to help over 10,000 people reconnect with the natural world.    He lives in Cherry Valley, New York State, with his family, and hopes to create a healthy, vibrant world for future generations.


Ricardo has several free tools to help you reconnect to nature, or to inspire anyone to get outside at his website,

He offers week long summer camp retreats for children and teens, as well as in person or online adult trainings for parents, grandparents and educators. Organizations and Groups can contact him through his website for hands on trainings, workshops and inspirational speaking events.

Ricardo also offers a free Summit of Interviews with Educators, Artists, Conservation Experts, Healers, Musicians, Writers and Activists, called ‘The Wolverine Way’, which can be found at


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