THRIVE TV 015 – Levelling Up With Your Genetic Natural Strengths with Dr Cam McDonald

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  1. The genetic and natural basis for strengths.
  2. The importance of leaning into your strengths as the fastest way to progress, and create better health.
  3. Be aware of others’ natural strengths to better communicate and collaborate, from work to family

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Dr Cam has spent the last decade furthering his knowledge and skills so as to promote health in a way that ensures that everyone does the best thing for their unique body. Dr Cam blends his background as a dietitian, exercise physiologist, with his long-standing personal interest in health, and his passion for understanding the latest research in genetics and environmental influence on health. 

Teaching medical doctors through to health enthused members of the public, his engaging style, and the incredible science that he speaks about will change the lens through which you look on your own health and the health of others.


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