THRIVE TV 050 – Beyond Burnout with Suzi McAlpine


  1. What exactly is burnout and what are the three red flags that tell us that someone may be suffering from burnout? 
  2. What are the causes of burnout (some may surprise you) 
  3. What are the four strategies that can be applied at an organisational, leadership and individual level to spot burnout, stop it and stamp it out? 



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Suzi is an Executive Coach, self-confessed leadership geek, and author of the best-selling book Beyond Burnout and the award-winning leadership blog, The Leader’s Digest. 
Suzi has been featured in Forbes Magazine, RNZ, Sunday programme, The New Zealand Herald, Next Magazine and The Sunday Star Times and is a regular keynote speaker on topics of leadership.


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10 Comments on “THRIVE TV 050 – Beyond Burnout with Suzi McAlpine”

  1. Wow love love loved this episode. Thank you for sharing your 3 red flags and 4 strategies of help. But most of all I am glad that you reiterated I wasn’t weak earlier in the year when I experienced burnout but will def help me with the signs earlier so I don’t end up back there. I can’t wait to read your book?

    1. Thanks for listening Jennifer – so good to know those red flags isn’t it and to know what you can do about them.

  2. Such an amazing episode. I’ve have learned so much from this. From understanding the difference of burnout v stress, what the red flags are and what the causes of burnout are. I’ve noticed many of these things in my peers over the years, and haven’t before realised that they were likely experiencing burnout. Thank you for the strategies on how to prevent burnout, I’ll be sure to work on these for myself and our team in the future. My key quote from the episode is “Leadership starts in the mirror”. Thanks Suzi, I’ll be ordering your book for sure.

  3. Really enjoyed this episode and how Suzi explained burnout causes and strategies to help reduce burnout. Loved the saying : “Leadership starts in the mirror” The importance of a leader to self reflect on their good and bad attributes. Work on increasing the good and modifying the bad – setting the example.

  4. What a fabulous episode! Like others the 3 red flags and 4 strategies of help are at the forefront of my mind now! Will be sending this video to all our leader 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for watching Kate. Yes, those red flags are so important to recognise. Thanks for forwarding that episode on.

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. I related to a lot of it. Most importantly I realised I need a break!

    1. Thanks for listening in Julie and I’m glad it’s helped bring about that realisation. good on you!

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