THRIVE TV 057-The Power of Compassionate Leadership with Steve Hargreaves


1. The power of compassion in enabling us to achieve, thrive and stay well. 

2. How compassion is great for business, culture and the bottom line, and how when we lead with compassion everyone benefits. 

3. The values, qualities and competencies required of leaders and their teams to build and sustain a more inclusive and compassionate workplace. 


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Steve is the founder of The Compassionate Leadership Company and author of The Compassionate Leader’s Playbook. An experienced coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker who spent 20 years in senior leadership roles working across a range of sectors, leading and transforming large scale commercial, regulated health care and charitable services across the UK. 

He established The Compassionate Leadership Company in 2020 to help organisations to enhance performance, engagement, and the wellbeing of their people through awakening and leveraging the power of compassion. 

He lives in the UK, on the North Somerset coast with his family, his dog and his chickens. 


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2 Comments on “THRIVE TV 057-The Power of Compassionate Leadership with Steve Hargreaves”

  1. Kia ora korua Steve raua ko Lauren – ngaa mihi manahau (many thanks) for this korero. You have provided provocations for me in the consideration of Compassionate Leadership – an approach that I have probably not really thought about for myself or others as a ‘title of leadership’. I certainly am mindful of empathy, courage, dignity and more – however, your words have really encouraged me to consdier at a much deeper level. I also really enjoyed your views Steve around passion – a word that I have debated with for myself over my years of leadership and a vital perspective that I will take heed of for future leadership, mentoring and coaching – would love to delve more into this at some stage. Aroha nui, Jane

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