THRIVE TV 059-The Joy Choice: How to finally achieve lasting changes in eating and exercise with Michelle Segar



 1. Why habit formation can’t work for most people when it comes to healthy eating and exercise. 

 2. The biggest four TRAPs to creating sustainable changes in eating and exercise 

 3. A science-based 3-step decision making tool that will make health choices easy and fun!


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Michelle is an award-winning researcher at the University of Michigan with almost thirty years studying how to help people adopt healthy behaviors in ways that can survive the complexity and unpredictability of the real world. Michelle’s perspective is uniquely comprehensive – For her entire career she has combined academic research with real-world health coaching to pioneer methods that create sustainable healthy behavior change, and which have been adopted to boost patient health, employee health and well-being, and gym membership retention. Her first book, NO SWEAT! is used as a core text in training professionals in health coaching and patient counseling. 


There is a free Joy Choice quiz and ‘sneak peak’ of The Joy Choice at


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4 Comments on “THRIVE TV 059-The Joy Choice: How to finally achieve lasting changes in eating and exercise with Michelle Segar”

  1. Great episode Lauren. Very inspiring and thought provoking. So simple when you break it down and examine your mind set and then reframe your mind set.

  2. I loved the idea of learning to think flexibly to continue to take care of ourselves. So often we get caught up in the all or nothing approach, and berate ourselves when we don’t stick to it. Change of thinking to “what is going to work today” really hit home for me and choosing the middle ground (what CAN I do today) – sure this is the path to more acceptance and self love

    1. It’s so simple but also such a different way of thinking to what most of us do most of the time right Bev?! thanks for listening in. So glad you enjoyed it!

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