THRIVE TV 063 – Why Working School Hours Benefits All with Ellen Joan Nelson

THRIVE TV 063 - Why Working School Hours Benefits All with Ellen Joan Nelson


  1. An understanding of how the current construct of work is marginalising many people in the workforce, especially mums.
  2. Insights into how work can be structured better: to benefit parents AND non-parents, as well as the overall organisation.
  3. Practical ways for both managers and staff to start implementing some of the work school hours principles in their workplace.


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Nelson is an ex-army academic business mum, with deep expertise and experience in leadership, well-being and the future of work. Following her PhD, Ellen consulted to the NZ Army; helping them to significantly improve their inclusion and diversity policies and practices, especially around gender. She then conducted further research focused on the experiences of working parents in the corporate sector and started the #workschoolhours movement. Ellen now helps organisations to remove structural barriers facing women and parents, while simultaneously experiencing improvements in organisational metrics such as: wellbeing, retention, leadership, productivity, innovation and business performance.


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2 Comments on “THRIVE TV 063 – Why Working School Hours Benefits All with Ellen Joan Nelson”

  1. Lauren, I really enjoyed this. Lots of great takeaways for listeners. I have thought for years that it is ridiculous that work and school hours are not the same. I love the suggestion that all meetings are school hours and agreed that if someone is motivated to complete work in a shorter time frame that they will find a way.
    I am mindful that there needs to be consideration to BIG jobs that are already not doable in 40 hours where condensing work into 25 is not doable. I suggest that working school hours in that case would need careful planning and clear expectations.

  2. Yes, I totally agree Kerri. Clear and reasonable expectations are key. Lots of ideas on ways to make core work fit within school hours. Great food for thought!

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