THRIVE TV 069 – Becoming the Authentic You with Richard Black

THRIVE TV 070 - Conscious Communication and Mindfulness Tools for More Connected Families with Jet'aime Hayr


  1. We all have deep needs, and our sense of self growing up is shaped by the degree to which we believe these needs were met.
  2. How to understand coping mechanisms, defence mechanisms, or counterfeits.
  3. When you discover that your deep needs are not under question (like it can feel) then greater confidence grows to be authentically yourself.


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Richard is the founder and director of Mind Health, an organisation dedicated to enhancing thewellbeing of our five million people. He is a counsellor, communicator, and author, and has been involved in people work for over 25 years. He understands the everyday struggles that people face and the demands on leaders. Richard has the knack of being able to communicate complex issues in a way that is practical and easy to understand. He has authored two books: Centred: Knowing who you are in an off-balanced world, and There’s a Happy Moon in My Side (children’s book).


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5 Comments on “THRIVE TV 069 – Becoming the Authentic You with Richard Black”

  1. Thanks Lauren this was so interesting and helpful. hearing Richard and you chatting👍🏽 I have heard him on Rhema and he’s great at what he does .

    1. It was a great conversation wasn’t it? I love the way Richard explains those needs and the examples of what happens when we feel they’re not met. Thanks for listening Wendy.

  2. Tēnā koe Lauren – so many messages relating to self-worth. I thought I had a good grasp of self-worth, Richard has added to my own kete in so many ways of thinking deeper about self-worth. I loved the realness and the examplesthat Rihcrad drew on from babies to little role -plays. I will be able to draw on this content always. . Ngā mihi manahau Lauren raua ko Richard.
    ps: happy for my comment to be shared on the Facebook page xx

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