The Quality of Your Thoughts Determines the Quality of Your Life

Quality of Your Thoughts - Lauren Parsons Wellbeing

Did you know that we have over 60,000 thoughts every day and around 70% of these are the same thoughts as the day before?

How is your ‘thought life’ right now? Do you generally feel like you are in control of your life and have positive thoughts about yourself and the world around you? Or do you feel washed along by life and find that you beat yourself up with the messages you play over and over in your mind?

Whatever we focus on increases in our lives.

This starts with our thoughts which are incredibly powerful. Peace Pilgrim said “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”

What we think about affects the sorts of things that we say. The things we think and say affect the sorts of things that we do. The things we say and do become our habits. Ultimately we determine our character by sum of our habits, which sets the course for the path of our lives.

This is great news! We can actually take control of our thoughts and determine the way our life turns out. Sure, you may not be able to control the thoughts that spring up in your mind from time to time, however you can choose whether you continue to entertain them.

Often we have held thoughts for so long we are no longer aware of how much they do affect us.

It can be like a negative cassette tape that keeps playing over and over in our mind. “Gosh I’m stupid sometimes, I won’t ever make it, I’m too unfit/weak etc, I’m not good enough, They won’t like it/me/whatever…” We need to take control and hit the eject button and replace these old worn out tapes with positive messages that we choose to listen to!

Here are three practical steps to help improve your mental chatter:

Monitor your thoughts – Think of a sieve


Be aware of the external influences you allow in your life. You chose the sorts of people you spend time with and how much they influence you. You chose the sorts of messages you read in books/ magazines, the music you listen & TV you watch. These are like the seeds that will start your train of thought. Weeds will never grow into beautiful flowers so protect your mind by protecting the seeds you allow to be planted there.

Direct your thoughts – Think of a remote control


Once you realise that you have the remote control right there in your hand (something guys always love!) you can take charge. Choose the thought channels that you want to tune in to. Decide which ones to turn the volume up and down on. Be prepared to simply turn some channels off. Its up to you!

Feed your thoughts – Think of a sponge


Lastly, think of ways to feed your mind with positive things. Chose some statements to replace the old messages with and affirm these to yourself on a regular basis. You can even look yourself in the eye in a mirror and tell yourself some new truths to replace the old lies. “I am capable, I can do this, It will work, I am strong and fit.” Hint – always say these in the present tense. Your subconscious will most likely take a little time to come on board and agree with this new way of thinking, so don’t worry if its immediate reaction is “yeah right” – persevere with it! You will see results!

Picture your mind like a sponge.

If the sponge is sitting in a puddle of dirty water its just going to be full of dirty water.

Choose today what you will fill your mind up with and continue to do so!

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Do you find you struggle with your thought patterns at times?  What helps get you back on track?

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4 Comments on “The Quality of Your Thoughts Determines the Quality of Your Life”

  1. Thanks Vivienne. All the best with taking control of those thoughts! We all have unhelpful thoughts enter our heads from time to time, we also ALL have the choice to direct them away and to replace them. I wish you all the best with it, you are precious xxx

  2. Thanks, Lauren, another great and inspiring article. I find the negative and unhelpful thoughts are stronger when it’s winter, grey, raining, sickness in the family that seems to go on forever! Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Kerry – Thanks so much. Yes winter months can definitely have a profound effect on mood, BUT there are plenty of things you can do. Here are a few suggestions to look into:

    How to Instantly Boost Your Mood

    How to Beat The Winter Blues

    Letting Go

    Settle yourself with your favourite cup of tea, have a read and perhaps just choose one thing to focus on this week and let me know how it goes!
    Much love,

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